All modern businesses require connectivity. Automation and Security is excited to help your business communicate internally and externally with world-class networking solutions. We bring more than 26 years of experience to your company, carefully customizing cutting-edge systems to your unique needs. Ultimately, we want to make networking effortless so you can focus on growing your business.

By taking the time to understand your business and exactly what you need, we make your computer network the best it’s ever been. Whether you need a system built from the ground up or troubleshooting you can depend on, we’re the team you want. Check out our multi-faceted approach below:

  • Optimized WiFi coverage
  • Network health & statistics
  • World-class tech support
  • Trouble messaging remote monitoring
  • Multi-site internet sharing systems
  • Unified management interfaces
  • Maximized gigabit speed
  • VLAN & VPN services

Your business’ network has a direct impact on your productivity as well as your reputation. By making the connection easy for your employees and communicating dependably with your customers, you just make your company stronger. We’re here to set you up for success and to continue doing the heavy lifting so your business can continue to thrive. Learn more about how we can take your network to the next level!