We want to continually earn your business and bring the best prices to you. The only way to do that is to get rid of interest charges and contract cost. Allowing you to only pay for what you want in a security system. Most companies offer to give you an alarm system for little or no charge, usually resulting in high monthly charges. They charge $40-$60 a month for a 2-5 year contract. That’s averaging $480 per year! That’s like paying for a brand new alarm system every year you’re under contract. Also, most companies automatically renew their contracts for three year periods without telling you. Let us help you end the madness. Our basic alarm systems start at $449.99. You can even activate your existing alarm system. Get treated fairly by people who are electronics professionals not just contract selling con men. You can even activate your existing alarm system.

Our Mission is to provide the best in the industry on alarm monitoring and service for Security Alarm systems, HD Home Theatre systems, Access control systems, and Camera systems. We can support almost any panel and We have the latest in UL listed monitoring Stations. We pride our selves in the fact that we can make it easy to own a system and can help you select the right one for your needs. Protection shouldn’t be a “packaged deal,” that you buy off the shelf. It should be engineered according to your needs. Our Products page contains a list of our services.

At Automation and Security We treat you right.