1. Alarm Systems

    Alarms are electronic systems used to monitor access or movement to an area. It uses sensors to detect changes in the environment. Then provides annunciation of the event in several ways. The types of devices are... Door or Window Contact Motion Sensor Glass break Detector Smoke Detector Manual Pull…Read More

  2. Planning A Project

    Construction and Integration Requirements What do we need to do before we build a home? What services are available? What services do we plan to use? What is necessary for the home to be functional? What should we do now to make future services accessible? Structured wiring Zero redundancy Better, n…Read More

  3. Building A New Home

    Here are the questions you should answer when moving in to a new home. I hope it helps in planning. Internet Who Will be your provider? What technology will they enter my home with, and were? Who Will Plan, Install and Program My Modem, Router, Network and other equipment installed? What security wi…Read More